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Employee compensation plan

Development and implementation of KPI system
Incentive system development and implementation that links the level of employee remuneration to the performance indicators accomplishment degree
100 000 ₽*
* Minimum project cost

Payment term: Prepayment from 30 %
Implementation period - from 14 days
Labor rate setting
Development and implementation of a system of methods for an objective assessment of labor productivity and the ratio of its pay
100 000 ₽*
* Minimum project cost

Payment term: Prepayment from 20 %
Implementation period - from 7 days
Development of a comprehensive employee incentive program (tangible and intangible incentives)
Development and implementation of integrated employee tangible and intangible incentive programs
350 000 ₽*
* Minimum project cost

Payment term: Prepayment from 30 %
Implementation period - from 20 days
Developing a grading system
Fixed official salaries calculation system development and implementation based on a points-factor evaluation method and matrix-mathematical models
100 000 ₽*
* Minimum project cost

Payment term: Prepayment from 50 %
Implementation period – from 7 days
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Remuneration system development stages
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Our clients on remuneration system development
Remuneration systems
The remuneration system is an important element for achieving company leadership. It determines the remuneration received by employees. This remuneration equates to the time spent by the employees, work and the final result. An effective remuneration system allows you to be first in your market segment, be ahead of your competitors in financial terms, and have efficient, loyal and motivated staff.
In its turn, the absence or low efficiency of the existing remuneration system can destroy a business or significantly undermine the company's financial stability and loss of leadership.
How to understand that the remuneration system is outdated?

  • Labor costs are rising, but performance indicators are falling;
  • There is a noticeable decline in the quality of its employees' work against the background of low staff motivation;
  • High staff turnover and low employee loyalty to the company are recorded
The remuneration system regulation helps to develop an effective pay system that helps to achieve the goals of the company and motivate employees to achieve the best result.
The most important function of the remuneration system is to encourage staff to achieve high performance. And if the staff are motivated, then this results in an increase in labor productivity, an increase in the level of product or service quality, and a reduction in production costs. The remuneration system is becoming attractive for employees in terms of income, their retention, stimulation of their productivity at work.
Therefore, the remuneration system regulation is one of the most important organizational and managerial tasks, which directly affects the competitiveness of the company as an employer, as well as the company's profitability as a whole.
The result of the development and implementation of a new remuneration system:
Guaranteed fair remuneration for employees, which increases the staff motivation;
Labor compensation fund cost optimization;
Rewarding employees for achieving business goals, which helps employees to stay focused and result-oriented;
Employee quality performance improvement;
Staff turnover reduction and increased loyalty to the company.
It often happens that firms in developing their own remuneration system face a lot of problems, because information in open sources often provides incorrect data, which leads to serious mistakes and resistance from employees.
Our company has extensive experience in implementing projects in the field of effective tangible and intangible employee incentive programs development in different industries, which allows our specialists to develop a remuneration system that fully meets the requirements and takes into account the details of your business.
We offer our clients a high level of expert competence, the implementation of projects within agreed customer time frames.
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