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Mass recruitment

Selection of sales advisors, produce stockers, cashiers, waiters, couriers
HoReCa and retail stores mass recruitment
From 15 000 ₽*
*For each hired employee

Payment term: Prepayment 10 000 Rubles
Test period: 7 days
Execution time: from 3 days
Geography: Russia and the CIS countries
Unqualified personnel mass recruitment
Operating personnel mass recruitment to work on a rotational basis - drivers, сconstruction workers,
unskilled workers and other categories
13 000 ₽*
* For each hired employee

Payment term: Prepayment 10 000 Rubles
Payment: two times a month
Execution time: from 7 days
Geography: Russia and the CIS countries
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Mass recruitment
Mass recruitment is a project for searching and closing a large number of entry-level vacancies that do not require special training and, as a rule, in a short time. Often, a new company establishment and the timely launch of a project depend on the quality and speed of the required staff recruitment, and any shortcoming can entail significant financial losses.
The mass recruitment service requires precise organization, planning, meeting the set deadlines. As a rule, the project manager and his assistants participate in the mass recruitment. The number of the employees involved in such projects depends on the complexity and scale of planned works, recruitment time. The work can be carried out both at the office recruitment agency and in a temporary mini-office specially equipped by the client. With proper organization and technology compliance, the agency ensures the speed and quality of mass recruitment.
The main task of a recruiting agency is to search and select workforce for various companies in accordance with their needs.
The mass recruitment service is in demand when staffing during new stores opening, for logistics centers, industrial enterprises, hotels, call centers, when a steady staff turnover is observed or when businesses are experiencing seasonal surges, or for recruiting staff for sales promotion or exhibitions.
Mass recruitment depends a lot on job advertising. To place a job advertisement, it is necessary to choose the right sources, to make an initial selection, to establish contacts with job centers and special departments. And this entails considerable financial and human costs. That is why the implementation of this task should begin with the planning process, the search channel selection, the timeframe setting and many others.
Mass recruitment is based on the following principles:
Rate and time. The project manager sets the start and work completion dates, lists the hiring procedure and draws up an operating plan, and also determines the cost of the project so that all hiring procedures could be carried out on time.
Scale. A recruitment agency is fully responsible for mass recruitment project, sometimes additional recruiters are hired for the implementation of large projects.
Managing vast quantities of information. During one day, an agency employee can call more than 100 potential candidates and have a phone interview with each of them.
Orientation of new employees regarding company policies & procedures. Each candidate is individually informed about the company and his job responsibilities.
The main recruitment stages in the company:
-Planning (Mass recruitment should correspond to the strategic plans of the company)
- Response management system (Clear and transparent response management system)
-Targeted headhunting (Fitting the strategy with the target audience)
-Screening (a candidates selection set up criteria schedule)
- Assessment (The correct approach to the target audience)
- Preliminary check before the commencement of employment
- Communication management
- Job offer and onboarding (Maintaining communication with new employees before the commencement of their employment)
Mass recruitment is a complex campaign that involves many steps aimed at finding the most suitable candidate.
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